Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Time -too much of it

Time-too much of it .....
Phased out currency
Poured down the throat of yesterday
Or slivered
For wishing well coins
But aches slake too soon
And hope comes so cheap
Just a penny a piece

Time-so little of it ...
Precious by extinction
Stored away in coffers of tomorrow
Or invested into words
What mistake
Turning gold to soot
And creating scarcity


  1. touching indeed! story of our lives put together, i guess :-)

    the funny thing about life is that all the time when i was "growing up" the passage of time didn't matter. and now that it has moved on i mutter to myself... Holy Cow, mother of god, i am an Aunty now :-)

  2. B'ful and so true. Sandy it has a deep meaning,one that we understand after a long time in our lives.

  3. hi di..
    ur blog is really touching....
    especially this ....Time - too much of it...
    truly we understand the importance of time only once it has passed....